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Over 2 decades of experience and work at a high level of professional sports and a decade of helping thousands of clients achieve body and life transformations, Luka Hocevar, the Founder of Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance has created a program that delivers real results.  In the last 3 years since creating Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance, Luka and the Vigor Team have used their extensive experience, relentless purpose of helping people, coupled with a unique approach and an unmatched environment to help people like YOU achieve the body they have always dreamed of. A body that looks amazing, but also has increased energy, is stronger, burns fat and builds toned muscle, helps you move better and stay out of pain.

Join the Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance family, commit to this transformation challenge, get to experience our award winning training and support for yourself, and FINALLY get the REAL RESULTS you’ve been looking for!

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Commit to the transformation contest and make 2012
the year that you  “Finally Made A Change”

Let this be “YOUR Year”

Let it be the year where you WILL be
“In The Best Shape of Your Life”

Let’s make this year the “Best Year Ever”

The New Year New SUPER You Transformation Challenge Guidelines

Who’s Eligible?

Both Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance members and non-members are eligible to compete in the transformation contest. You must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for the contest.

Entry Fees

Vigor Ground Members

  • $75.00 per person for Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance members includes upgrade of extra boot camp session per week nutrition plan and workouts that you can perform anywhere, compliance tracking in the Mini Me software (this is a world class unreleased software we’ll be using exclusively!)


  • $97.00 per person includes One (1) Boot Camp workout per week for 8 weeks PLUS all benefits listed above.
  • $249.00 per person includes Three (3) Boot Camp sessions per week for 8 weeks, nutrition plans and workouts you can perform anywhere (with all benefits listed above)
  • $399.00 per person includes Two (2) Small Group Personal Training sessions and Two (2) Boot Camp workouts a week for 8 weeks, nutrition plans and workouts you can do anywhere (with all benefits listed above).

Timelines and Deadlines

Challenge starts Tuesday, January 24, 2012 at the 7:30pm Kick Off Party (which will be held at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance, 1222 Bronson Way North, Suite 250, Renton, WA 98057) and ends Tuesday, March 20, 2012.

How To Participate

Participation is simple.  Attend boot camp workout sessions, follow the recommended nutritional guidelines, be at mandatory weigh ins for team accountability, be enthusiastic, bring the energy, stay motivated, help encourage and inspire others to make supportive, healthy nutrition and exercise a part of their lifestyle.


  • Regardless of the membership package that a person chooses they will be eligible for prizes.
  • A Team must consist of five (5) people, 3 must be non-members (no obligation to join after).
  • All Team members can be non members.
  • If you cannot find partners, Vigor Ground will pair all extras together to form teams as needed to meet the minimum requirements.
  • The beginning weigh in and measurement must take place between January 17th and January 24th.   The final weigh in must be completed between March 14th-March 20th.
  • All contestants must check in to their coach at each visit to Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.
  • All contestants must complete the information and liability forms.
  • All contestants are recommended to complete four (4) workouts per week in a combination of strength training, cardiovascular and boot camp training programs for maximum results.
  • Mandatory weigh-ins are to be done every four (4) weeks.  If any team member misses a weigh-in the entire team will be INELIGBLE to win the prizes. You must complete your weigh-ins before the deadline dates.  (It is the responsibility of the team to make sure that each member weighs-in on time, not that of the Vigor Ground Team.)
  • Weigh In #1: January 17th – 24th
    Weigh In #2: February 14th – February 21st
    Weigh In #3: March 14th – March 20th

  • Weigh ins will take place without shoes.
  • All weigh ins must take place at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance and completed by a Vigor Ground Coach or Team member.
  • A minimum of ten (10) teams must take place for the contest to take place.  If ten (10) teams do not register a full refund will be given to each person.
  • No refunds are given after the registration fee is paid, with the exception of not meeting minimum team requirements.
  • The Grand Prize remains the same even if teams exceed ten (10).

Rewards and Incentives

  • $1,000.00 to the team of five with the greatest TRANSFORMATION* in 8 weeks! (*Results based on percentage body weight lost.  In the event of a tie total weight lost, clothing size lost, commitment to program, journaling and inches lost during the program will be considered.)
  • Prize for the best individual transformation (based on weight lost, body fat loss and inches lost as well as a big influence from before and after picture), Kindle Fire, free boot camp and personal training, and more (this prize is valued over $1000.00).

Award recipients will be selected on or before Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012 and announced that same day at the awards party at Vigor Ground Fitness and Performance.

Reserve your spot in the challenge now.

Package Details

Vigor Ground Member’s Package $75.00 (per person)

Basic Package  $97.00 (per person*)


  • Reserve a spot in the contest.
  • Eligible for Grand Prize
  • Vigor Ground coach will be personal motivator via group email, as well as  Facebook Team Page
  • Nutrition Plan and Food Journal via Mini Me Software
  • Workout Program To Be Complete On Your Own via Mini Me software
  • One (1) boot camp workout a week (for duration of contest)
  • *All members of a team must purchase this package as a minimum.

Boot Camp Package $249.00 (per person)

Includes Basic Package PLUS:

  • Three (3) boot camp workouts per week (for duration of contest)

Personal Training Package $399.00 (per person)

Includes Basic Package Plus PLUS:

  • Individualized program designed for you by our expert fat loss trainers
  • Two (2) Semi-private training sessions per week
  • Complete gym access during open gym hours with your program to complete extra workouts.

Call 425-276-5721 or e-mail with any questions
and to RSVP for the Kick Off Party on January 24th at 7:30pm!